About Us

Yuyao changjiang Temperature Meter Factory (Yuyao?Gongyi Meter co.,Ltd.) is an enterprise group which is dominated by high technology and integrates technical design, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1995 , Has been the temperature controller-led products, has accumulated more than 20 years of production and application experience; company is the leading manufacturer of domestic temperature controller manufacturers, the annual production and sales of temperature controllers over 500,000 , the company has Modern production equipment, including automatic computer chip machine production lines, lead-free dual-wave soldering machine and other production equipment pipeline.

To ensure product quality company has a large high-temperature aging room, a variety of temperature controllers can be aged more than 10,000 to ensure that every ?factory products energized aging more than 72 hours.

To ensure the reliability of product design The company also has EMI, EMC electromagnetic compatibility test equipment and temperature and humidity environment laboratory and many other modern test equipment, making it possible to ensure the production of high quality, high Accuracy, high reliability, long service life and low temperature drift products; The company fully accessible Over IS9001-2008 and strictly run under this system, all products of Yao Yi passed the CE certification, and some of the key products have passed the UL certification of the United States, with the manufacturing license of measuring instruments (CMC Zhejiang made 02810232), fully operational since 2006 Lead welding process, in advance to meet the European ROHS standards and to contribute to the protection of our environment.

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